The Domain

The history of Domaine du Plessis Grimaud.

The answer could be that this is simply the same of the domain, but it is more than just that.

A Plessis is a place protected by trees or shrubs with intertwined branches that form a protective hedge: a hedge by "plassage." And yes, it is true, to pass the gates of the Plessis Grimaud is to enter a protected domain where life is pleasant.

Le Plessis Grimaud has a rare historical heritage and owes the second part of its name to the Grimaud family, who originally owned the estate since 1352. They were the lords of the domain until the 17th century.

The house, resembling a palatial villa, was built in 1848 by William Leray, who developed a modern farm of more than 300 hectares with 14 farms and a mill. He invented modern and very innovative agriculture.

After 30 years of abandonment, the predecessors renovated the house and park to live there as a family until we took over in 2015.
After two years of extensive work, we transformed the "Petit Plessis" outbuilding into a gite for five people and opened the main house, three charming guest rooms with soft and soothing colors. We have also restored the small chapel, still in use today.
The name of our guest rooms tells you our personal story, which is now intimately linked to that of Plessis Grimaud.

Our gites in Pornic

We also wanted you to discover a small treasure nestled on the beautiful coast of Jade: Pornic.

With the gîtes: "Le Plessis à l'océan" and "Le Plessis à la plage" , you will almost have your feet in the water at 150m from the beach in the heart of Pornic. The Smuggler's path is at the end of the street.

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The Domaine du Plessis Grimaud is a place to enjoy a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the city or the coast while being close to the sea and main tourist sites.

To each his favorite spot

We like every part of the domain to resonate with each of our guests. We have also created for you a wooden kiosk to gather around a lunch or a dinner, a corner of the nap with the hammocks under the chestnut trees, or to meditate at the foot of the majestic cedar of the Atlantic, spaces of rest with several wrought iron or wooden garden furniture and of course a playground for the children.

The swimming pool

At the Domaine du Plessis Grimaud, you can enjoy the covered and heated swimming pool from May to September, whatever the weather.

We have installed garden furniture in the covered area around the pool and the adjoining garden.

There is no shortage of places to relax. Spend time in the water, under the sun, or in the shelter of the trees.

You can also enjoy our swing in the woods or the hammocks under the chestnut trees. This is what staying at the Domaine is all about: offering a variety of pleasures and relaxation.

Wellness retreat

If you wish to enhance your moment of relaxation, we recommend that you pass through the caring hands of Marylène. She enchants our guests by listening, her kindness, and the quality of her intuitive and personalized massages.

You can also benefit from favorable rates at the Thalasso of Pornic spa, treatments, and massages.

The little farm

We love nature and the birds in the garden, and we are always thrilled to introduce you to our animals.

First of all, we have chickens of all sizes and colors! They love it when you give them your leftovers, and they contribute to the quality of our breakfasts with their delicious eggs. How about some fresh eggs for breakfast?

Our little guinea pigs are more discreet but like to nibble on grass or carrots.

Our family of sheep has grown. Salsa, a sheep from Ouessant, had twins this year. It's a real treat to see our little flock frolicking in the field.

The permaculture mandala vegetable garden

We wanted to create a nurturing yet peaceful place that would inspire you to learn more about the many ways to grow vegetables.

The mandala vegetable garden is divided into different spaces to stimulate your senses:
  • Titillate your nostrils (lavender, rosemary, coriander).
  • Satisfy your taste buds (strawberries and cherry tomatoes are to be nibbled on the spot).
  • Delight your eyes by playing with colors.
We mix flowers, fruits, and vegetables to create harmonies and especially synergies between plants.We have been learning permaculture techniques for two years now, which also allows us to continue to progress and learn. The vegetable garden is also a school of humility and generosity.